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Top Blogs for Out-of-the-Box Packaging Designs 

box design CL Rabb

Top Blogs for Out-of-the-Box Packaging Designs 

Packaging design often establishes a product’s first impression. In the competitive retail space, first impressions can make the difference between products collecting dollars at the counter or collecting dust on the shelves. With designs ranging from tiny, minimalistic logos to extravagant multi-colored branded boxes, creating the right design for your product’s packaging may be a dizzying task. And while many entrepreneurs have a creative eye, not everyone is a packaging designer by trade. If looking at proofs prompts feedback like, “I’m not an artist, but…”, you might find you need true inspiration and insight from creatives experienced in the art of packaging design.  

The structural engineering and design team at Rabb Corrugated are happy to help you navigate the complexities of packaging design. Additionally, we’ve shared some of our favorite blogs that can help inspire you to unfold what’s possible in packaging design. 

Why Follow Packaging Design Blogs? 

Inspiration sparks creativity. Seeing awe-striking designs sparks emotion; motivation; ingenuity; helping you enhance your brand packaging design as you learn. Alternatively, seeing designs that are drastically opposite of your brand can validate your decisions and keep a brand on-course. Sometimes it takes outside forces to either elaborate or validate your own creative course. 

Many packaging design blogs feature work from renowned design agencies that specialize in packaging. Keeping tabs on industry trends and news can present opportunities to learn equally from the successes and failures of others. Though you may be no expert in product packaging, you can better understand what is possible in the art of packaging design by following knowledgeable partners like Rabb Corrugated and some of our favorite packaging design blogs.  

Enjoy the stunning product photography, project briefs, and packaging industry insight from design experts and contact our team today to unfold what’s possible in your next design project. 

Inspirational & Educational Design Blogs 


#4 Smashbrand Articles 

Smashbrand is a consumer-packaged goods design agency. With partners ranging from PayPal to Kraft, and plenty of other household names in between, the quality and expertise speaks for itself. 

Smashbrand has a multitude of blogs on the technical aspects of branding and packaging. Get answers to some of your most pressing packaging questions from their blog or contact the Rabb Corrugated team – we’re happy to help answer any questions you have 704-865-0295.    


#3 Packaging of the World 

Launched in 2008, Packaging of the World (POTW) is one of the most well-known packaging design blogs. Here, you will see global brands featured alongside student projects, and everything in between. From unconventional pizza boxes, to embossed subscription mailers, you can find designs for nearly any product, in any industry here. (And Rabb Corrugated can help you achieve it.) 

Bonus tip: Use any of the top dropdown menus to filter out only the type of packaging you wish to see, such as “cardboard, carton, hardboard”, ”snacks”, or “cosmetics”. 


#2 BP&O (Branding, Packaging & Opinion) 

If you are looking for design inspiration, with a healthy helping of journalistic analysis, BP&O is a great blog for you. With a user-friendly search and filter section, and an archival mindset in its content, BP&O can help companies identify historical design trends, as well as peruse the opinions of design professionals. Opinions here are well-thought out and based on design principals. At the very least, you may sound better versed in design principles after reading a few blogs. 


#1 The Dieline 

Bridging the gap between the portfolio-inspired blogs and the opinion-centric articles is The Dieline. Covering brand refreshes, promotional packaging, emerging technologies and much more, The Dieline is the news and media source for the packaging design industry. 

Here you’ll see deep dives into where you’ve seen the Pantone Color of the Year before, the definitive answer to why cranberry sauce is canned “upside down”, and plenty of other interesting facts about the world of packaging design. Expand your knowledge of what’s possible and gain inspiration from other designers around the world at The Dieline. The Rabb Corrugated team loves a goal with a challenge – test the limits of what’s possible in packaging design with our design and manufacturing team. 


Ready to Unfold Possibility? 

Our team recommends putting these blogs in your regular reading rotation to stay inspired for your next design project. The importance of your product’s first impression is at stake! It’s crucial that you partner with a premier packaging company, equipped to bring your designs to life. For over 30 years, Rabb Corrugated has been a leader in corrugated manufacturing of quality ecommerce, retail and industrial packaging, as well as corrugated displays. Contact the experts at Rabb Corrugated today to schedule your custom packaging and design consultation – let’s unfold possibility together!